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Do you want a Calendar for 2025?

We had mixed feedback about calendars last year.
Some people wanted them, while others didn’t. This year we thought we’d do it differently.
If you don’t want a calendar:
  • It’s simple, do nothing!

If you want a Calendar:


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If you’re planning on attending an Investor Meeting in the Waikato or BOP please check the box at the bottom of the form. We won’t post a calendar out but will bring one to the meeting for you.

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                Which type of fund is right for me?

                Complete this questionnaire to see what type of fund might be the most tax effective for your circumstances. Please note, this is just a guide and we recommend you seek professional tax advice.

                Are you investing as an individual or trust?
                Other investor types should seek professional tax advice.


                Is your tax return completed by a tax adviser or accountant?

                Can you reasonably estimate your own annual income?

                What is your total income from all sources (including PIE income)?

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                Do you distribute all annual income to beneficiaries?

                Do all Trusts beneficiaries earn more than $48K from all sources (including PIE income)?

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                Disclaimer – This tool is intended to provide general guidance only. This tool does not take into account your particular financial situation, objectives or goals.

                There are alternative strategies which may provide better outcomes, we recommend you seek independent advice before making any investment decision. If you have completed this guide and wish to discuss this, we recommend you seek professional tax advice.