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We place immense value on our Corporate Social Responsibility, and we’re committed to supporting communities across New Zealand through proactive partnerships.

It’s about making a difference

Our motto is: Giving is not just about making a donation – it’s about making a difference.

We are very proud of all our sponsorships and the difference we have made to communities, events and charities over the past 26 years.

We want to help support those who may need assistance and initiatives that deliver positive outcomes for New Zealand.

FMT Annual Youth Sponsorship Grant

Call for applications

For more than 17 years we have offered an annual Youth Sponsorship grant. The Sponsorship is open to young people between the ages of 16 and 25 who are excelling in their chosen field at a national and/or international level in the fields of sport, music or art.

We’re looking for our next Youth Sponsorship recipient! At FMT, it’s important for us to invest in the community we work and live in, and we want to help our next generation of stars!

Sponsorship Details:

  • The successful sponsorship recipient will receive a grant of $3,500 to put towards helping them excel in their chosen field.
  • As part of the sponsorship grant, the successful recipient is to provide up to 4 articles (300 words) plus photos over the sponsorship period, to update our clients on their endeavours and/or achievements.  These articles will be published on our website or in our quarterly newsletter.
  • Applicants to provide a cover letter and personal CV describing themselves, highlighting their ambitions and achievements to date.

If you know of a suitable young person, or you meet this criteria and are looking for sponsorship, please get in contact with us or apply now below.

Applications close: 31 May 2022

Apply Now

MMC Cricket Programme Sponsorship

We have recently partnered with Mount Maunganui College cricket club. The sponsorship provided by First Mortgage Trust contributes to the cost of the cricket programme, with our funds targeted toward uniforms and equipment.

Great to be on board with you MMC!


A charitable organisation that deserves our gratitude is the Coastguard service, who watch out for boaties and marine enthusiasts in our local waters.

It gives us great pride to partner with this worthy cause.


Please note: Where sponsorship funds or donations are made by the Manager, these do not come out of investor funds.


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            Youth Sponsorship Application

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              - This is a simple guide only. There are alternative strategies which may provide better outcomes. These are on case-by-case basis.

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