FMT Wholesale Fund

The First Mortgage Trust (FMT) Wholesale Fund offers indirect exposure to property loans, secured by first ranking mortgages by directly investing in the First Mortgage Trust Group Investment Fund (FMT GIF), a retail managed investment scheme.
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This offer is only available to wholesale investors

To be a wholesale investors you must meet the criteria set out in clause 3(2) or 3(3)(a) of Schedule 1 of the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013. If you're not sure if you qualify as a wholesale investor you can learn more by clicking on this link: Am I a wholesale investor?



Over $1.6 billion
in FUM



Loan Book

Over $1.4 billion
in loans


630+ first

Investment Objective

The FMT Wholesale Fund invests in units in the FMT GIF, and cash. The investment objective of the FMT GIF is to provide investors with an income return at a level which is better than bank deposits.

While this cannot be assured, First Mortgage Managers Limited’s (FMML) objective is to give investors an annualised pre-tax quarterly return (after fees and expenses) of at least 1% per annum higher than the average of the 12-month term deposit rates offered by New Zealand’s four main trading banks, and competitive with comparable investments.

Target Returns

In return for investing $500,000 or more in the FMT Wholesale Fund for a term of at least two years, FMML will give wholesale investors a bonus return (by way of issuing additional units in the FMT Wholesale Fund which are paid for out of FMML’s own funds), in addition to the quarterly distribution of income.

Net income distributions are paid out to investors quarterly at the end of March, June, September and December, or reinvested into the fund. PIE tax is deducted from distributions if relevant.

Wholesale Terms

This investment is only available for wholesale investors.

The FMT Wholesale Fund requires a minimum investment of $500,000 for a minimum term of two years.

The investment is managed by FMML which is a licensed manager of retail schemes under the Financial Markets Conduct Act. While the FMT Wholesale Fund is not a retail scheme, it invests in the FMT GIF which is a managed investment scheme which is registered under the Financial Markets Conduct Act.

Why investors choose us

Consistent Returns

At FMT, we focus on protecting investor capital and providing a steady return rather than seeking higher risk, potentially higher return opportunities. We’ve paid out over $115 million in returns to investors in the past 12 months.

We’ve never lost a cent of investor capital in almost 30 years of operations. And while past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance, this is something that we’re very proud of, and that we’re committed to maintaining.

Our Investment Returns

This graph shows the historical annualised pre-tax quarterly distribution rates (after fees and expenses) the FMT GIF has achieved for its investors since 2017.

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If you'd like to express your interest in the FMT Wholesale Fund, please do so by clicking the button below and we'll contact you with more information. An expression of interest does not commit you to invest.

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This offer by First Mortgage Managers Limited is limited to persons who are wholesale investors for the purposes of the offer in terms of clause 3(2) or 3(3)(a) of Schedule 1 of the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013. No Product Disclosure Statement for the purposes of that Act has been prepared and none is required for a wholesale offer. The Wholesale Investment Memorandum is available on request.

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