Case Studies

Examples of projects that have been funded by First Mortgage Trust

As one of the country’s largest non-bank lenders we help clients achieve their property financing goals. We’re proud to partner with our clients and see them succeed and help play a crucial role in New Zealand.

Case Study - Bridging Finance

Owner Occupied Commercial Property Acquisition

Our clients were anxious to purchase a vacant building they had identified as being ideal for their growing business. FMT provided an interest only loan to support the debt servicing obligations of the client, allowing them to improve their balance sheet before moving back to bank refinancing. The end value for the client has been an immediate improvement in property value due to their own commercial operation signing a lease as the primary tenant in the building.

Location: Auckland

Loan: $1,755,000

End Value: $2,700,000

Loan to Value: 65%

Term: 24 months

Case Study - Residential


Our client demonstrated maturity and business acumen beyond his years, quickly showing us that he had done his homework and knew the market he was entering into. Funding was approved on a capitalised interest and fees basis. True to his word, our client delivered a renovation project which when sold covered all borrowings, leaving him with a freehold section to be developed at a later date. The start of a solid long-term relationship due to our client knowing his market, and FMT providing a loan that was fit-for-purpose.

Location: Wellington

Loan: $380,000

End Value: $900,000

Term: 12 months

Case Study - Residential

Social Housing Units

Armed with a proven model for building social housing and leasing them to Government backed housing providers, our clients were looking for a lending partner who could provide the flexibility required. The Auckland based development features twenty social housing units in an area of New Zealand that has a desperate shortage of housing to suit. Broker referred, we provided a capitalised interest plus fee loan for twelve months to enable this project to proceed.

Location: Auckland

Loan: $5,115,000

End Value: $8,830,000

Loan to Value: 58%

Term: 12 months

Case Study - Development & Construction

Residential Build

Our superannuitant clients inherited a part-build and required funding to complete the project. Traditional funders had shied away from these clients due to their stringent affordability thresholds, however our assessment showed them to be a good candidate for lending. Broker referred, we provided the funds required, much to the delight of the borrowers who said we were the only lender to personally meet them and view the security property as part of our lending assessment.

Location: Wairarapa

Loan: $250,000

End Value: $890,000

Loan to Value: 35%

Term: 12 months

Case Study - Commercial & Industrial

Vacant Industrial Property Purchase

Our clients reached out to FMT to explain their requirement to make a large-scale vacant property purchase with a blue chip tenant to occupy. In this instance and based on the surety of the tenancy, we were able to lend against valuation which was considerably higher than the purchase price, and structure the loan to support the property’s development (including the extended period of time with no income). FMT listened to our client’s needs and tailored a flexible solution accordingly.


For privacy reasons, the photograph for each case study is indicative of the funded project, not an actual photograph of the project itself.

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