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New Zealand’s largest non-bank lender of first mortgages

Since 1996, we’ve been providing first-mortgage secured funds to enable commercial, industrial, retail, residential and rural property investments and developments with low Loan to Value Ratios (LVR) throughout New Zealand. Our experienced team is solution focused, providing prompt decisions so you can move ahead with confidence.
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Over the past 28 years, our team has completed loan facilities from $150k to $34m helping clients nationwide secure their property finance.

Residential Loans

We don’t do traditional home loans, but as a non-bank lender we can help clients with investment related property purchases, residential equity release for projects or business, and / or land purchases for development.

Development / Construction Loans

We can work with clients on any property project: from subdivisions, future standalone dwellings, terraced housing, to apartment developments, commercial property developments and more.

Commercial / Industrial Loans

Our team is available and experienced to help with commercial and industrial properties, such as the development of commercial property or industrial units, either pre-leased, to be leased up and sold, or held as a long-term investment.

Bridging Finance

We can work quickly with you to tailor open-end bridging finance with competitive interest rates to help you fund a new purchase (along with capitalised interest negating debt servicing requirements) for sell-down of existing asset.

Equity Release

We can help you utilise the equity in existing property by borrowing against completed product to fund further investment or other opportunities. We’ve helped clients release equity to fund a business purchase or provide increased working capital to grow their business.

Why borrow from us?

Professional, local service

We pride ourselves on our knowledge, expertise and ‘can do’ approach. Our local teams are committed to fostering a real sense of partnership with advisers and clients, and as a non-bank we are distinctly different from traditional lending institutions where service can be often regarded as transactional.

Flexible Loan Terms

Our reputation in non-bank lending is built on flexibility and an ease of doing business. Since inception, first mortgage loan advances have been made available on a range of residential, commercial and rural properties, including a wide range of business activities.

Speed of Service

We understand that time is money and so we work hard to offer a straightforward service where loan decisions are turned around quickly so that you can either get on with the project - or with finding alternative funding. We promise you that we’ll be prompt in our assessment.

Competitive Interest Rates

We work hard to keep our interest rates to a minimum, all the while staying true to our investors and their investment objectives too. It’s a fine balance and one we deliver on daily.

Simple and Straight forward

We offer a streamlined application process. This, combined with our singular loan funding model, means we can focus on tailoring solutions for you without the distraction of other accounts or facilities that traditional banks may otherwise focus on.

Capitalised Interest Options

We make every attempt to offer solutions that may not be available from others. This includes equity release and interest-capitalised options – both of which may be possible when the underlying fundamentals are sound.

No early repayment costs

This is a significant point of difference between FMT and others. We do not enforce early repayment costs on the sale of an asset as part of your exit.

Extended Terms

In addition to some of the most competitive non-bank interest rates, FMT can fund your projects from three months out to four years, eliminating costly rollover fees associated with shorter-term lending.

We understand the end result sought

We understand that the Exit Strategy is just as important as the onboarding. This could be the sale of the property or the loan being refinanced back to a mainstream lender once the desired goal has been achieved. For us it’s simple. When lender and borrower win, then our investors also win – and ultimately the New Zealand economy wins too.

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“I really value the relationship I have with my BDM at First Mortgage Trust.”

FMT Lending Client

Lending FAQs

What is a first mortgage loan?

First mortgage finance is a loan secured against property, and which has priority over other amounts secured against that property.

Does FMT offer second mortgages?

No, we do not offer second mortgages. However, we are a open to talking through your situation to see if we can help you with a solution. If we can’t help, we can recommend others who may be able to help you.

How much money can I borrow from FMT?

Our minimum loan is $150,000 and our maximum is $34,000,000.

Click here to learn more about our lending criteria.

How do I start the loan application process?

Pick up the phone and talk to our team, or download a pack and we can start the conversation.

What’s FMT loans criteria?

We lend to a certain level against different categories of property. Loan applications are considered on a case by case basis within First Mortgage Trust Lending criteria.

Click here to view our Loan Criteria

Does FMT offer consumer lending?

While First Mortgage Trust has a small number of pre-existing consumer loans, it is no longer in the business of providing such loans. Accordingly, our suite of consumer loan documents is no longer included on our website. If you have any queries around an existing loan, please contact us on 0800 321 113.

How much do you charge for interest?

Our current interest rates are listed here.

The rate charged will depend on your financial circumstances taking into account:

>how much you want to borrow

>the term of your loan

>your income

>your other financial commitments

>your credit history

>Loan to Value Ratio of security offered

We will always do our best to offer you the best interest rate possible.

How long can I borrow for?

Our loans terms range from 3 months to 4 years, and we also can provide loan extensions.

What experience do you have within your lending and management team?

We have offices in Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch. Our team possess local knowledge and experience to help in all areas of property investment and development, complemented by specialists in the areas of accounting, law, financial services and property lending. This means we have the skills on hand when we need them, and we can speak your language when we are looking at how we can assist you.

What if my circumstances change through the duration of my lending?

We are realistic and would rather hear from you, than not.  During Covid, we were very proactive with advisers and clients, initiating conversations with the offer of loan extensions and capitalised interest relief where required. It’s this personalised approach and understanding of each client’s individual financial position that sets us apart from traditional lenders.

I use the services of mortgage adviser. Can they contact you?

Yes, we would welcome an enquiry from your adviser.  Many will know of FMT and our lending requirements already thanks to the proactive involvement we have had in the industry over many years.

I hear that you provide adviser training. How do I participate?

Yes, you are correct.  We do run one-on-one and group training sessions with advisers, upskilling them and their staff about non-bank lending and how to tailor applications to improve turnaround times.  We also constantly update advisers on the market and the types of creditworthy opportunities we are keen to progress.  Contact us to talk about this further.

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The quality of our people is at the heart of our lending platform. We understand that every situation is different, which is why we work so hard to tailor a solution for you.

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