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FMT Lending Criteria and Rates

At FMT we are committed to help drive growth and wealth for New Zealanders by partnering with clients to provide finance solutions. Our team understand the industry and sectors and have local knowledge and relationships that can assist in the loan application process.
Team of experts

For us it's a partnership

Our Business Development Managers (BDMs) take the time to understand your situation and work hard to help you succeed. The BDMs are involved in the whole loan application process so you always have a person to talk to, who will keep you updated on the application process.

We pride ourselves on being a responsible lender and we want the best outcome for our clients and for FMT, and for our investors. With this in mind, if we believe your application is better suited to a mainstream bank or other provider we will communicate this with you.

We lend to a certain level against different categories of property. Loan applications are considered on a case-by-case basis within First Mortgage Trust Lending criteria.

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Lending conditions

What we offer

Land & Buildings in fee simple: up to 75.0%
Sections in fee simple: up to 70.0%
Leasehold land: up to 50.0%

Land & Buildings in fee simple: up to 66.7%
Vacant land in fee simple: up to 50.0%

Land & Buildings in fee simple: up to 60.0%
Vacant land in fee simple: up to 50.0%

If your requirements don’t fit into any of these, we still might be able to help you, contact our team to discuss further.

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              Which fund is right for me?

              Please note, this is just a guide and we recommend you seek professional tax advice.

              Are you investing as an individual or trust?


              Is your Tax Return completed by a Tax Advisor?

              Can you reasonably estimate your own annual income?

              What is your total income from all sources (including PIE income)?

              YOUR RESULTS

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              Do you distribute all annual income to beneficiaries?

              Do all Trusts beneficiaries earn more than $48K from all sources?

              YOUR RESULTS

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              Disclaimer – The results above are subject to the following assumptions:

              - The investor’s main source of non-investment income is New Zealand superannuation on a non-shared living arrangement. That is taxable income between $14,000 and $48,000.
              - FMT is your main investment and that you wish to have a single investment in FMT.
              - This is a simple guide only. There are alternative strategies which may provide better outcomes. These are on case-by-case basis.

              Should you want to fully canvas your options, we strongly recommend you seek independent advice from your Tax Adviser.