Why Invest with FMT?

In an era of economic volatility and market uncertainty, finding investment opportunities that provide consistent returns can be hard to come by.
FMT has managed to achieve this for almost 30 years.

Proven Consistent Returns

Our conversative approach to lending means we’ve been able to provide investors with consistent returns for nearly 30 years.



Your investment is not made for any fixed term and can normally be withdrawn at any time (although we do encourage you to invest for a minimum of two years or for medium to long term growth outcomes). If you’re retired and needing extra top up income on a regular basis, then our ‘Managing Your Cash in Retirement’ facility was designed with you in mind.

A Team of Specialists

All FMT activities are actively managed by our professional team who know and understand the New Zealand property market and the opportunities on offer.


Join over 6,500 New Zealanders, many of whom have been with us since the start!


Ready to Invest?

If you're ready to download an investor pack and get your application underway then you can do so here.

For more information on our investment fund options read more below.

Ready to Invest?

Benefits of mortgage-backed investments

We know risk is a major consideration when deciding where to invest. With FMT our investments are backed by first mortgages over land and buildings with relatively conservative loan to valuation ratios. Property-based securities traditionally provide some of the least volatile investments. In addition, we always hold cash investments (liquidity) with New Zealand banks to help ensure cash is available to repay investors when needed.

Spread of risk

By pooling your funds with other investors, your investment is consolidated and spread across cash and the whole mortgage portfolio which gives more diversified exposure to the property market than investing directly in a single property loan.

Our investments are diversified across various property types and locations throughout New Zealand. This geographical spread helps to level out any local economic factors, and it ensures we have a good cross-section of property types in our portfolio.

Investor protection

Investments in the First Mortgage Trust Group Investment Fund are monitored by New Zealand’s oldest independent trustee company, Trustees Executors Ltd, acting under a Trust Deed.

First Mortgage PIE Trust’s supervisor is Public Trust.

Both First Mortgage Trust Group Investment Fund and the First Mortgage PIE Trust have their financial statements audited by KPMG.

Reserve fund

Although our conservative lending policies are consistently and rigorously maintained, we have a reserve fund to help meet possible losses on individual loans.

This fund provides additional peace of mind for investors and generally does not have a material effect on income distributions.

However, if there are a number of loan defaults then the reserve fund may not be enough of a buffer, and this could affect distributions.

Our Funds

Group Investment Fund

The First Mortgage Trust Group Investment Fund (FMT GIF) is a managed investment fund that invests into loans backed by first mortgages over land & buildings, and also invests in cash deposits at registered banks to maintain liquidity.

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Our Funds

PIE Trust Fund

The First Mortgage PIE Trust (PIE Trust) is a managed investment fund that invests into the FMT GIF. There may be tax benefits to investing in a PIE trust fund for some investors.

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              Disclaimer – This tool is intended to provide general guidance only. This tool does not take into account your particular financial situation, objectives or goals.

              There are alternative strategies which may provide better outcomes, we recommend you seek independent advice before making any investment decision. If you have completed this guide and wish to discuss this, we recommend you seek professional tax advice.