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20 November 2023

Peace of mind investment made easy

Do you opt for a conservative bank term deposit knowing that your money can be locked away for an extended period, do you invest in shares and try and time the market, or is an investment in property the answer, despite the tenancy challenges it may present?

Not only can it be hard to choose the right option, but the entire investment industry can seem full of jargon, with many options requiring skills, data, time, and expertise. Then, to top it off, some companies require you to have a huge lump sum before you can even get started and then they lock up your money, making it difficult to access funds when you need them.

Which poses the question: is there an easy and accessible investment provider for Kiwis?

First Mortgage Trust (FMT) might be the solution.

Why investors choose us:

> Easy to understand

Our investment offering is based on a model where your funds are pooled with those of other investors. We actively manage this fund so that it is working hard for you but without undue risk. We primarily do this by providing loans to prequalified NZ property owners who require finance and on a first mortgage basis. Income is derived from these loans and is distributed to investors at the end of each quarter (after fees, expenses & tax are deducted), or reinvested into the fund based on the investor’s preference.


> Strictly & actively managed

At FMT, loans from our pooled investor fund are only made when strict conditions are met. This means we get to know every borrower, and we insist on loan to- property value ratios (LVRs) that are conservative (meaning the property value is significantly higher than the first-mortgage amount being borrowed).


> Renowned for consistent and steady returns

We focus on protecting capital and providing a steady return for our investors rather than seeking higher risk, higher return opportunities. In our 30 years we’ve always delivered consistent returns, and we have never lost any investor’s capital. And while past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance, this is a fact that we’re very proud of, and one that we’re committed to maintaining.


> Accessible, with your funds normally available in a few days

Unlike mainstream bank term deposits, your money isn’t locked away for a specific term; instead, we provide a withdrawal process that will normally mean your funds are available to you within a few days.


If you think that investing with FMT would suit you, then we would love to help you. Give our friendly team a call on 0800 321 113 or email [email protected]


First Mortgage Managers Limited is the issuer of the First Mortgage Trust Group Investment Fund and the First Mortgage PIE Trust and is not a registered bank. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Returns are not guaranteed.

Why invest with us?

We know risk is a major consideration when deciding where to invest. With FMT our investments are backed by first mortgages over land and buildings. Property-based securities traditionally provide some of the least volatile investments. In addition, the funds always hold cash investments (liquidity) with New Zealand banks to help ensure cash is available to repay investors when needed.

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