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Growing Your Savings Wisely with Regular Investments

One of the key benefits of investing with FMT is that the fund is actively managed and does not experience the same volatility as alternative investment options like shares or equities.

Not only does this mean ‘peace of mind investing’ for all investors, but for those wanting to invest regularly, it means you don’t need to spend time and effort trying to time your investments in an attempt to even out variable costs (which is otherwise known as dollar-cost-averaging, a tactic whereby investors purchase the same share at different price points at different periods, essentially looking to even out price volatility as they go).


In short, there’s no “right time” or “wrong time” to put in your money with FMT- that’s because our unit price is stable and consistent, so any time is good!

Over and above this, there are some key advantages to putting away ‘little and often’ as well as investing larger lump sums when you’re in a position to do so.

First and foremost, the benefit of making regular deposits is that your money starts working for you from the day it is received. Secondly, for those opting to reinvest the income that is earned each quarter, the benefit of compounding returns can be enjoyed too.

This is often called the “eighth wonder of the world”, for investors it means that the income you are earning then goes on to generate income in the future. It’s like having your money make money on repeat.

Other key benefits for regular investing include:
  • As mentioned, you can set and forget your investment without the worry of fluctuation and volatility and youcanchange the amount deposited at any time (without penalty).
  • You can align your savings with your long­ term plans, with your funds accessible and not locked in for a specific period of time. Small amounts put away regularly can add up to a large amount when it comes time to retire or purchase larger-ticket items.
  • With a regular savings plan in place, your investment dollar comes out first and foremost, helping you resist real life temptations which can otherwise see your savings plan thwarted.

At FMT, we’re here to make investing simple and stress-free, so you can build up your savings effortlessly.

If you would like to set up regular payments into your account, please chat with our friendly investment team for more information.

First Mortgage Trust doesn’t offer financial advice. To determine if regular investments or investing with us aligns with your investment plans, you should talk to a financial adviser.


First Mortgage Managers Limited is the issuer of the First Mortgage Trust Group Investment Fund and the First Mortgage PIE Trust and is not a registered bank. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Returns are not guaranteed.

Why invest with us?

We know risk is a major consideration when deciding where to invest. With FMT our investments are backed by first mortgages over land and buildings. Property-based securities traditionally provide some of the least volatile investments. In addition, the funds always hold cash investments (liquidity) with New Zealand banks to help ensure cash is available to repay investors when needed.

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