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Retired? Do you want to use your investment to provide regular income?

At First Mortgage Trust you can set up your investment so it can provide you with a regular top-up paid straight into your bank account. Without compromising the interest rate you’re receiving.

Your money, your way.

That is the vision for our “Managing Your Cash in Retirement” facility, after many of our clients told us this was the service they wanted to support their lifestyle and comfort in retirement.

For some clients, it was about getting the consistent returns that First Mortgage Trust provided, but also having smaller regular amounts drawn down from their investment and moved into their spending account so that they could top up their superannuation and maintain the lifestyle they had pre-retirement. The ‘investment plus income’ service was a common theme from our clients, making it a solution that we were determined to provide.


“Close and enduring relationships with investors has been key to our success, so when they told us they wanted this win/win outcome, it was up to us to create a facility that worked for them,”

Paul Bendall, CEO


The “Managing Your Cash in Retirement” service allows clients to receive payments from their initial investment providing them with a monthly top up. Your arrangements can be reviewed at any time and at no cost, meaning the facility can respond to your changing circumstances in real time.

To help investors assess their options, we have a handy calculator that lets you explore the service more fully, and it’s an easy and interactive way to consider a range of ‘what if’ scenarios based on your personal savings and lifestyle requirements.

Click here to learn more about the Managing your cash in retirement facility.

Client feedback

"People want consistent returns from their investments, but they don’t want their money locked away and out of reach should they need regular top-ups to help meet their living expenses or if they want to make larger withdrawals for big ticket items."

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